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Prana Das Yoga is a community place unlike any other you’ve visited. The thing we hear most often is that coming to practice here feels like “coming home.” That is because we are an educational environment committed to community, to teaching the most thorough and authentic practices of yoga, to respecting and restoring the body and mind and to providing a place where you can learn, grow and develop skills and knowledge that will apply in all areas of life. No experience required.


Learn with Us!

A Warm, Welcoming Community of Life-long Learners 

Prana is an institution for health, healing and evolution. Grounded in the influence of Ashtanga Yoga and offering a great variety of the most effective disciplines, Prana serves the Main Line community with a space to develop and grow your practice. Welcome to the hub for personal development and full spectrum health. We look forward to meeting you.

Traditionally, the word "Das" in Sanskrit means "in service of" or "devoted to" that which precedes the word. "Prana" is the breath and life-giving energy behind all things. We are a community and philosophy that is committed and devoted to preserving, expanding and evolving our experience with that life-giving force through practice.


Teacher Training 

200 and 500 Hour Certification & Education Programs

We love helping people who want to be the best versions of themselves get there faster, safer and with better results. Why you’ll love joining this training? Because we’re going to help the better version of yourself (that you already know is there) come out faster. We take seriously that choosing the right teacher training program is an important decision that will change your life and impact countless others whose lives you’ll affect with your teaching.


Mysore Program

With Mysore Director Elizabeth Sitzler

Ashtanga Yoga is taught Mysore style; which means each person practices individually but enjoys the company of other students in the room. The teacher offers individualized instruction and adjustments to each student. Ashtanga Yoga emphasizes krama (progression) and vinyasa (breath and movement connection).  Each student is taught at his or her own pace with consideration of each individual’s health, age, level of life responsibilities, and other relevant factors.


Events & Programs

Special Offerings, Kids Yoga, Workshops & More

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Mindfulness Mondays - New Topic every week at 7:30pm

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Kids Yoga Program Ages 3 - 13 Starts Again This Fall!

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Ancestral Sounds & Aromatherapy 7/27, 7:30pm


Healing Arts Offerings:

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching with Nadia


Myofascial Massage Therapy with Ellis 


Mindfulness & Meditation with Monika