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Prana Das Yoga

Traditionally, the word “Prana” is the breath and life-giving energy behind all things. The word “Das” in Sanskrit means “in service of” or “devoted to” that which precedes the word. We are a community and philosophy that is committed and devoted to preserving, expanding and evolving our experience with that life-giving force through practice.

Philosophy of The Practice

More than Just the Physical

Yoga in its purest and traditional forms was used as a method of therapy for helping people to live a more meaningful and successful life. While we excel at teaching the “asana” or physical practice of yoga that many of us in the West come to consider the entirety of practice, we also delve deeply into the full spectrum of practices in the eight limbs of yoga (care of self and others, breathing practices, internally-focused disciplines like concentration and meditation, and more) so that you have a comprehensive experience of what is possible through yoga.

Meet Our Exceptional Staff

Prana Das Yoga is proud to enlist a staff of practiced and accomplished teachers with a variety of backgrounds and diverse training focus. Unlike any other center in the area, our teachers have either accomplished or are working towards their 500-Hour RYT status or its equivalent in their healing arts field. We consider ourselves carriers of a long and honored tradition of yoga passed on over thousands of years by many elevated teachers. With that mindset, we strive to provide the highest standards of teaching, to continue life-long training that may be shared with our students and to make yoga accessible for each and every person who comes to practice. We encourage you to consider this practice a lifelong journey and to take each day as an opportunity for continued education.