Can Your Breath Make You Happier?

Ali Kenner is an expert on breath.
Author of Breath Taking: Asthma Care in a Time of Climate Change, and a professor at Drexel, she has personally interviewed over 85 people on their experience with breath limitation and is internationally recognized on the subject.
This makes her uniquely qualified to teach Kundalini Yoga, a practice she describes as one that shifts consciousness and raises awareness in a directed way using kriyas. Unlike vinyasa yoga, Kundalini’s Kriyas are sequences of postures with breath, mantra and sound incorporated to produce a certain effect.
A kriya could be focused on opening the heart.
Another might treat the liver.
A kriya is like planting a seed – a “recipe” of healing.
Expand your understanding of this diverse yogic experience in this week’s video with Ali. And, visit the events schedule to find upcoming Kundalini Workshops as they are available.