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Holistic Health Coaching with Nadia Hopkins

A more natural approach to your health – diet, products, activities and habits – can rectify many of the imbalances and discomforts of everyday life. Indigestion, fatigue, congestion, exhaustion, brain fog, mood swings, anxiety, aching muscles and joints – all of these circumstances can be greatly aided or eliminated through herbology, aromatherapy and natural adjustments to your patterns.

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More on Nadia Hopkins, RYT 500, Certified Herbologist

Nadia Hopkins is a passionate believer in every person’s opportunity to achieve optimal health and vitality in the body and mind. A 15-year practitioner and teacher of yoga, Nadia draws from a multitude of yoga, mindfulness and holistic disciplines to help her clients make important shifts towards comprehensive health and deliberate balance.

Nadia specializes in developing a strong and conscious connection to the self, a clear and enjoyable commitment to healthy lifestyle choices and a loving relationship with the body.

Nadia has developed special focus on using the principles of yoga to: learn to observe the mind, practice active listening, cultivate positive body image, overcome the destructive patterns of addiction and navigate life and relationship transition. She finds great joy in teaching yogic arts to people from all walks of life, and particularly to seniors, those with extensive injury and those returning to focus on the body after a period of disconnection.

Nadia is the Co-Founder of Prana Das Yoga Therapy & Healing Arts Center with her husband, Derek. She coaches and mentors budding entrepreneurs in the health field on establishing or expanding their practice strategically and mindfully.

Holistic Health Coaching Modalities

Herbology & Aromatherapy

Herbology & Aromatherapy

For thousands of years, people have used plants to treat many ailments. Up until this century, these methods were the predominant approach to keeping people holistically healthy. These solutions are powerful in that they support the body's natural systems and leave no chemical waste or alternative processes. Everyday problems like poor digestion, gastrointestinal issues, insomnia, sleeplessness, acne and emotional disturbances can be treated naturally.

Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating

Mindset is a key to loving and caring for your body. Considering food as nourishment and medicine as much as enjoyment can revolutionize how you eat and your success at keeping a healthy weight and internal environment. Rather than judging yourself, making rules and restricting yourself, try a much more loving, rewarding and sustainable approach.

Body Love & Appreciation

Body Love & Appreciation

Your relationship with the body is an opportunity to get close, supportive, balanced and happy. Your approach makes all the difference. Learn to love, accept and appreciate your body so that you can curate its internal and external health and be at peace with yourself mentally and emotionally. Overcome body conflict and establish a completely new way of thinking about yourself so you can create a legacy of health.

Body Conflict Support

Body Conflict Support

Nadia specializes in supporting parents and professionals who are helping girls and women recover from body image challenges and eating disorders, accomplish weight loss in a respectful way and create a more positive and intimate relationship with the self. Overcoming body conflict of all types and at all levels can be vastly strengthened through mindfulness, vibrational therapy, yoga and meditation-based practices.


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