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How to Live Mindfully: A Conversation with Monika Brass

Learn From a Practiced Master

  • How do you quiet a constantly chattering mind?
  • What would it be like to stop overthinking everything?
  • How can you release the frenzy?
  • How can you find some PEACE in a crazy day-to-day?

Working with Monika gives you the fast track to what works in the Mindfulness world and presents open and authentic practice to help you redesign a more peaceful life and reset your mindset. Monika works with individuals and with families and groups to restore or reinforce strong and healthy internal and external relationships. Monika set out to work at the UN but ended up on a three-year journey in a Tibetan Buddhist community, which changed the trajectory of her life and reset her mindset. Now a highly-regarded teacher of mindfulness and meditation, Monika shares some of her most personal insight with those looking to detox their minds and start living from the inside out.

More About Monika

Monika is a certified yin yoga instructor and has been practicing yoga for years. She is also certified in the art of Kum Nye, a Tibetan style of yoga, as well as Buddhist Psychology.

Monika has been initiated into the Usui Reiki Healing Sysytem by a true Reiki Master, which is incredibly rare. Monika combines all this knowledge into one powerful experience and practice.

Monika specializes in Yin Yoga and other types of deeply restorative practices for mind and body. Through long held yoga poses, yin helps you penetrate deeper into your body to access the connective tissues for lubrication of the joints and flexibility in the body. From this quiet practice you may also feel a deeper sense of peace in your core.

Monika spent years living and working in a Tibetan Buddhist Community in the hills of California, and integrates ancient and revered meditation techniques into her practice and classes.

With calming energy, she invites you into the space with her, prompting you throughout the class to focus your attention and awareness inward.