Freedom to Choose What Works for You.

The benefits of yoga are achieved with regular practice, and our practice options reflect this. As experienced instructors, we take a personal approach, investing time to get to know practitioners individually to improve results.

You can choose the option that suits your schedule, investment goals and practice frequency. Depending on your choice and how you practice, the investment per class  ranges from $10 – $20 (more practice = less per class). 

If you are just getting started, we suggest committing yourself to practicing 2-3 times per week for three months to build momentum and understanding. This is a loose guideline from our work with thousands of practitioners. 

There are three options you can select from to practice, and we help you find the best option for you during your New Student Session.

How to choose: pass types

Unlimited monthly membership

Convenient automatic recurring monthly option. Auto-renews monthly, and you can adjust anytime. Best for students who plan to practice 2 or more times per week and develop a fulfilling yoga practice. 

class cards (No expiration)

We offer 10 and 20 Class Cards. Best for those who intend to practice two or less times per week and have a schedule with significant fluctuation or who want to space out their practice during times of the year.

Laurie Donna Assist

Private + classes package

Includes 4 private sessions and an unlimited pass for classes. Save $125 with this option. One private lesson includes the learning you would accomplish in 10 classes. Great for students of all types and beginners. 

Intro Passes for New Students

Unlimited classes

Monthly Pass
$ 99 Regularly $130

Unlimited classes

Annual Pass
$ 995 Cash, $1100 Card. Reg $1250
best deal

Privates & Classes

Premium Pack
$ 495 Save $125

no expiration

Class Cards
20% Off Your First card

Consider the Source

If you are intending to take up yoga as a regular practice, we also recommend taking time to understand the background, training and philosophy of the place you practice, as your instructors’ experience will form the foundation of your success and sustainability. We hope you feel encouraged that starting a yoga practice here can improve every facet of your everyday life as it has ours over the past two decades.

Visit Prana Das:

385 W. Lancaster Avenue,
Suite #201
Haverford, PA 19041

Our hours:

Mon thru Fri 6:15am – 7:30pm
Saturday 8:30am-1pm
Sunday 8:30am-5pm

Contact us:

Phone: 610 896 9642
Email: info@pranadasyoga.com
Or Via FB Messenger

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