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Yoga Teacher Training at Prana Das Yoga

Program Overview

Sometimes in life, there is a short window to make a real change. We love helping people who want to be the best versions of themselves get there faster, safer and with better results. Why you’ll love joining this training? Because we’re going to help the better version of yourself (that you already know is there) come out faster.

Watch this quick video where we help you think about whether yoga teacher training is right for you, then check out our three program options below

What Our Graduates Had to Say

Choosing a Yoga Teacher Training

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Reflections with Caroline Belmont

Prana Das Yoga Training Programs

200 Hour Training

  • Flexible weekend schedule
  • Enrollment is ongoing!
  • Friendly instructional staff
  • Diverse trainee group
  • Comprehensive curriculum
  • Practice for free while training
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300 Hour Advanced

  • In-depth curriculum
  • Set yourself apart as an expert
  • Elevate your teaching
  • Veteran instructional staff
  • Get a deep understanding of yoga
  • Practice for free while training
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40 Hour Yin Yoga

  • Improve the flow of chi
  • Increase circulation
  • Improve joint mobility
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Share this experience with others
  • Calm your mind and find balance


Schedule a Call or Meeting with Us!

We take seriously that selecting the right teacher training is an important decision for you. Your next step is to set up a call or in-person meeting with us so we can talk about your goals, provide additional details and support you in determining the next steps on your path.