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How to Do Lotus Pose (Part 1)

Lotus Pose, Padmasana, is a masterful posture. For many students, it remains elusive because it requires both technique and time. Once it unfolds, Lotus replaces tight hips with a freeing range of motion and is a gateway to other advanced poses. This week’s video is Part 1 of a 2-Part Tutorial on Lotus. It is instructional with some fast-track tips so you can learn technique and add it to your practice in class.

How to Do Sun Salutation B

It’s one of the first things we learn in yoga, and yet takes a lifetime to master. No matter how many times you’ve gone through the motions of Sun Salutation B, this series of opening movements and breaths invites (and challenges) even the most practiced practitioners to keep refining and improving. I often say ‘inches off at launch, miles off in orbit,’ so here are some tips to set (or reset) your trajectory.

How to Backbend in Ustrasana

How often do you think about the flexibility of the front of your body? Most students who come to yoga are intent on opening hips or hamstrings, focusing on the back of the body. But, this can create a lop-sided approach and experience on the mat and in life, which is why backbends like, Ustrasana (Camel Pose), are so vital.

How to Breathe Ujjayi Pranayama

In this video, you’ll learn three ways to accelerate your progress with proper breath. The postures do the dredging of the body, opening you up in different areas, but the breath comes in and polishes and irrigates the new channels, like brushing your teeth. Pranayama brushes the inner spaces so you can get deeper into yourself.

Yoga for Mental Health & Tech Addiction

What happens when a lifelong career in mental health counseling combines with a new expertise teaching yoga? Hilary Campbell is helping teens overcome addiction to technology, spreading the word about supporting hormone, heart and nervous system health through this art and equipping people with tools to cope with stress.

How to Open Tight Hips in Janu Sirsasana

You can develop tight hips for so many reasons: sitting extensively for work or study, enjoying activities you love, like cycling or running, or even from genetics. Happily, there is one great way you can open your hips, create better circulation in the legs and encourage inner healing in the joints. That way is today’s “How To” posture, Janu Sirsasana A.

How to Do Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)

If you find it challenging to balance in Triangle pose, or feel limited by your hamstrings, today’s “How To: Trikonasana” video is just for you. Triangle pose challenges your vestibular system – the sensory system that tells the brain about body’s spatial orientation, movement and head position. Trikonasana also helps develop flexibility in the back body and eliminates sciatic pain.

How to Do Sun Salutation A

In this video, I break down Surya Namaskar A, or Sun Salutation A. You’ll learn: 3 ways to deepen your forward fold, how to strengthen your upper body for chaturangas, what to do with your hands to protect your wrists, the foot transition from upward facing to downward facing dog.

How to Do Yoga at Home

Life happens. You’re on the way out the door when the phone rings. You end up on a call for 20 minutes and miss practice. Or, you’ve been planning all week to attend the Friday noon, and Friday morning your sitter calls out. Traffic. A blizzard. Gina helps us keep regular!

Yoga for Helping Kids with Grief

“These kids gave me more than I gave them, definitely.”

Every year, we get to volunteer our teaching at this very special weekend organized by the UPENN Bereavement Services. 

The Best Fireworks You've Never Seen ...

What was this year’s parade like on the 4th of July in Washington D.C.? Prepare to see the best fireworks you’ve never seen. 

South Beach SMART Goals

A veteran senior teacher at Prana Das, Vivi’s journey through pregnancy inspired her to start teaching Prenatal Yoga and Mommy & Me Yoga to the Prana Das Community. She also created an online Prenatal Yoga & Mindfulness Course for expecting moms

Yoga in Nature for De-Stressing

Have you been to the Stoneleigh Garden grounds on the Mainline? They are breathtaking! We learned about the Franklin tree – you’ll be surprised to know about the Champion tree as well!

7 Year Cycles - How to Turn Life Around

Even when it’s 19 degrees like it was this week, you can still find ways to set yourself for upswings. 

Why Practice Chant & Mantra?

A special sit-down with Suhag Shukla, Executive Director of the Hindu-American Foundation, on the benefits of chant and mantra. 

Why is Yoga so Meaningful?

20-Year practitioner and Prana Das instructor Deb Callahan explains what happens when you stick with your practice over time. 

Prenatal Yoga for Moms & Moms to Be

A veteran senior teacher at Prana Das, Vivi’s journey through pregnancy inspired her to start teaching Prenatal Yoga and Mommy & Me Yoga to the Prana Das Community. She also created an online Prenatal Yoga & Mindfulness Course for expecting moms

Yoga for Seniors...

Steve completed his teacher training at age 70! Yoga at Prana Das helped Steve to return to great health following a stroke and a seizure in his mid-60s. He completed his training so that he could teach yoga to all ages, specializing in seniors and senior athletes. 

How to Break Patterns & Habits

Meditation expert Monika Brass helps us understand how to use mindfulness to break free from our pesky patterns.

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