Why I Helped Buy John a Cow

Why I Helped Buy John a Cow

I want to thank everyone who has supported the PranaCure Kickstarter in its first week. I am humbled and inspired by how many of you have collectively shown interest in being a part of this coming to life.

Through that interest, I have also come to find that many of you who want to help aren’t as familiar with Kickstarter or crowdfunding.

The culture of “crowdfunding” is transformational for our time. People who care about a mission can collectively fund something important – a business idea, product, film or piece of art.

It empowers us to spark significant change through small actions and feel our collective influence, which is a great antidote for the current challenges of our society. Crowdfunding feels a lot like yoga.

I was introduced to the concept of crowdfunding in 2014, when one of my mentors told me to practice investing in projects that meant something to me to make a karmic deposit in my life.

At the time, we were deeply committed to starting the studio, and so I thought, ‘Errgh, ok I can just start small.’

So, I invested in a woman, Melody, in Zimbabwe via Kiva.org, a non-profit that creates micro loans for small businesses internationally. It was something I could do to help her succeed.

Unexpectedly, it expanded my belief in my ability to make a real difference in someone’s life. Hope inspires growth.

Over the past 5 years, I’ve kept this up, supporting different projects at different levels, and that money has been shared back by its recipients and re-invested in other individuals in 11 different countries around the world.

In 2018, I was able to support a Kenyan farmer, John, in buying a cow.  I was the 15th person to back his project – the last portion he needed to be fully funded. It felt amazing and empowering to be a part of that and see it come together for him.

When it came time to launch the PranaCure Breathers aromatherapy inhalers, making it a Kickstarter crowdfunding project felt like a natural platform.

As a community, you have inspired the idea and also validated it over the past two years.

We feel that this is a project that represents the real work that’s done here in the Prana Das space.

Here are 5 cool things that will happen when you make a pledge towards the project reaching its goal:
  1. You’ll get high quality products: organic aromatherapy inhalers and online breathing/yin courses,
  2. You’ll be a Kickstarter – an official investor in a new product and company.
  3. You’ll support WeMake, a non-profit that employs young people on the autistic spectrum. If we hit our goal, it creates jobs for their staff to assemble the Breathers.
  4. You’ll make it possible for us to share this online mindfulness programming for free with those who need it: underserved schools, organizations and individuals.
  5. You’ll take what we teach here and make it global!
New to this? Here’s how to make a pledge:

1.) Click here to visit the Kickstarter Page
2.) Choose the level of your support from the options at the right.
3.) Pledge! You’ll be charged when the project hits its goal.

Then, use the social media share tools to share it forward. (Optional)

I appreciate your consideration – thank you for being a part.


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