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Learn Yin Yoga: A 40-Hour Immersion

Hybrid Virtual/In-Person Program Beginning October 19th, 2020

Postures, energetics, anatomy, meridians and methods for teachers, students and lovers of Yin.

Why Practice Yin?

Yin is a lunar practice, which serves as a critical supplement to the “yang” practices of yoga, such as vinyasa, that focus on strengthening the muscles through more vigorous, heating movements. Yin is highly therapeutic for the joints, and opens the “tight” spaces of the body. It also offers space for reflection, introspection and meditation.

This is a practice of yoga asanas (postures) where the goal is to create “stress” or deep sensation in the connective tissues in the body in order to develop healthy tissues in the body. The body’s own weight and gravity are the tools used to exercise the ligaments, tendons and fascia in order that they maintain vitality over time.

What Will You Learn?

This 40-Hour Training has a robust curriculum appropriate for learning to teach yin professionally or to empower yourself to practice at an expert level. The curriculum includes study of:

  • The History and Philosophy of Yin
  • A Complete Guide to the Postures, including Relationships, Focus & Energetics, Targeted Tissues, Mechanics and Modifications for all Levels
  • The Key Principles of Yin: Finding the Edge, Achieving Stillness and Maintaining Duration 
  • Therapeutic nourishment of the joints, fascia and connective tissues
  • How to incorporate Meditation and Breathing Tools
  • The Five Element Theory of Chinese Medicine, including their energetic qualities and associations
  • Yin vs. Yang and approach to practicing and developing your own sequences
  • Basic Anatomy & an Exploration of the Joints, Bones & Connective Tissue
  • Types of Energy & Outcomes of Practice
  • The Meridians and their Functions
  • Sequencing, including Sample Sequences and Case Studies 
  • Teaching or sharing Yin with practitioners of all types and levels

Your Training Includes:

40 Hours of Interactive Virtual and In Person (optional) Learning. More below!

A 60-Page Full Color Manual for posture reference, anatomy and energetics

Three Key Sequences You Can Use for yourself or your students

Three Case Studies for applying what you’ve learned

A Certificate of Completion 

Guidance from a team of Yin experts who love the practice and actively teach it!

How We'll Learn Together:

To provide maximum flexibility, encourage thoughtful absorption of the content and heed health guidelines, the Yin Immersion will take place like this:


  • The 40 Hour Curriculum will emerge in a hybrid format, which we will explore together over approximately 2 months this Fall.
  • The technical and philosophical portions are delivered in 15 -30 minute video daily doses you can watch at your leisure via your personal Yin Immersion online portal. Each day, you may practice and learn a pose in depth, understand the anatomy of a part of your body, study the energetics of your meridians or experience a new breathing method. If you miss a day, it’s not too much to make up the next day. As these videos live in your online course, it lets you keep them forever, so no worrying that you missed taking a note on where the foot goes in that posture or which meridian is cleared through that pose.
  • We will join as a group for face-to-face training for five two-hour sessions once every two weeks to culminate those weeks’ online sessions. We can practice together, explore sequences, address questions and further guide your personal development. These will be offered via Zoom, with an option for joining in person if circumstances continue to permit. These will also be recorded so you can watch them again.
  • Your enrollment includes a brand new online community portal for you and the rest of the group, which lets you share insights, ask quick questions and get regular guidance.
  • You will also receive a 60-Page Yin Book that supplements the online programming and includes helpful resources and sequences so that you can read and reference as you start your practice.

Yin Immersion Instruction Team

Nadia Hopkins Prana Das Yoga

Nadia Hopkins

Founder, E-RYT 500, Coach

Specialist in developing a strong and conscious connection to the self, a clear and enjoyable commitment to healthy lifestyle choices and a loving relationship with the body.

Derek Hopkins Prana Das Yoga

Derek Hopkins

Founder, CYT, E-RYT 500

1,000 Hour Yoga Therapy Specialist, Yoga Mentor, Instructor to all levels and backgrounds including Olympic Athletes, Injured Practitioners, 10 Years Active Teaching of Yin, Vinyasa and Therapeutic Yoga

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Share Yin Professionally

Ours is a highly respected yoga teacher training program in our area and beyond. Graduates of our Yin, 200-Hour and 500-Hour Yoga  Certification Programs have gone on to work for these companies and businesses.

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